Case History

The Therapeutic Garden

A green space to stimulate all five senses, offering well-being and joy, and helping you to rediscover your connection with nature.

Site inspection

In a place where, a decade earlier, we had already designed and built a garden and swimming pool, we assessed how best to connect a new green space to the previous one, merging them into one with the aim of obtaining a therapeutic garden full of trees and plants located at strategic points, in order to stimulate the natural electromagnetism of the space and convey its natural energy towards the various organs of the body


We drew up a Project Plan in the finest detail, highlighting the necessary qualities of the project in the design and realization of the garden, swimming pool, gazebos, retaining walls, architectural elements, irrigation and lighting systems, outdoor kitchen, fireplace and garden and pool pavings.
The Project Plan also detailed the internal distribution of the space, with functional areas, the positioning of the irrigation and lighting systems, and the legend of plants and materials used.


Our internal design studio created a preview of the final project with a photorealistic rendering, an extremely faithful computer representation of the three-dimensional environment.
In this way, the client could easily visualize the finished project, even before the work had started.

Green realization

Sinuous shapes, bright colours, breathtaking views and a dream pool are the main features of this new green space we have created, a garden to be enjoyed 360 degrees in the round, immersed in a Mediterranean paradise of palm trees of all types and an explosion of colours throughout spring and summer.


When you cross this new green space you feel transported to another reality where fantasy is the master surrounded by tall trees and colorful blooms. The dreamy and long-sighted eye of the green lover can also imagine the future development of plants seeing small passages through the woods and the birth of unique settings.

Project details

Surface: 600 sqm.


Location: Lonato (BS)
Status: Finished garden
Realized in: 15 days

Prominent plants: Phoenix canariensis, Olea europaea, Yucca rostrata, Chamaerops humilis, Brahea armata, Butia capitata, Washingtonia robusta, Cycas revoluta, Citrus limon.


Accessories: Irrigation system, illumination, gazebos, retaining walls, architectural elements, outdoor kitchen, fireplace, garden and pool pavings. Materials used: Botticino marble paving stones. Pool paving: Botticino marble. Outdoor furniture: UNOPiù. Lighting: Floss.

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