Case History

Dare to amaze

A garden created to allow you to see the extraordinary in everyday life. To be lived and looked at with particular amazement: with wide open eyes.

Site inspection

The desire of the clients, who were passionate about all kinds of design and innovation, was to have an outdoor space that responded to a single and precise requirement: to amaze. To make this happen, we had to carefully analysed the surrounding context.


We drew up a Project Plan in the finest detail, highlighting the necessary qualities of the project in the design and realization of the garden, swimming pool, paths, lighting and three illuminated panels at the entrance to the house. The Project Plan also detailed the internal distribution of the space, with functional areas, the positioning of the lighting system, and the legend of the plants and materials used.


Our internal design studio created a preview of the final project with a photorealistic rendering, an extremely faithful computer representation of the three-dimensional environment. In this way, the clients could easily visualize the finished project, even before the work had started.

Green realization

We created a green space that stupefies, in the etymological sense of the verb, by designing a place to leave our clients and their guests truly speechless.


Quando si attraversa questo nuovo spazio verde ci si sente trasportati in un altra realtà dove la fantasia la fa da padrone circondati da altofusto e fioriture colorate. L’occhio sognatore e longimirante dell’ amante del verde riesce anche ad immaginarsi il futuro sviluppo delle piante vedendo apparire piccoli passaggi tra i boschi e il nascere di ambientazioni uniche.

Project details

Surface: 600 sqm.


Location: Paratico (BS)
Status: Finished garden
Realized in: 15 days

Prominent plants: Agapanthus africanus, Buxus sempervirens, Chamaerops excelsa, Olea europaea, Phormium Tenax.


Accessories: Irrigation system, illumination, paths and paving, pool design, ornamental metal entrance panels.