Garden rendering:

get a sneak preview of how your dream garden will look.

Cherubini Vivaio del Garda’s internal design studio is able to create a preview of the final realization using garden renders so accurate and detailed as to look like real photographs, offering the client an essential tool for visualizing the finished product, well before the work begins. But what, exactly, is a garden render


Well, first of all, in computer graphics we define rendering as the graphical elaboration of an image using a mathematical description of a three-dimensional scene interpreted by algorithms that define the colour of every point in the digital image. That said, to put it in simpler and more intuitive terms, garden rendering is the 3D representation of a project, which allows us at Cherubini Vivaio del Garda to design green spaces and gardens in a fast and extremely stimulating way, using specialist software applications that offer us a high definition of the project, and allow you to see a preview of what the garden or green space you have always dreamed of will look like

Garden rendering:

using specialist software for the design of green spaces and garden.

The numerous applications currently available for garden rendering offer us a complete set of features that allow us, first of all, to build a particularly detailed virtual 3D model, in which plants, garden furniture and many other objects can be placed. These garden rendering applications then facilitate the development of our project by taking into account the specific morphology of the ground in question. The result is always the realization of a photorealistic garden rendering of the project. It should also be stressed that the design of a garden must not only take into account structural elements, such as paths, gazebos, tables, etc., but also a careful selection of plants. It might seem obvious to say it, and yet it is really true. By this we mean that plants and flowers cannot be placed willy-nilly but have to be planned out simultaneously with the design of structural elements, in order to create a harmonious environment. With HD garden rendering, it is possible to insert hundreds of different plant specimens into garden projects, creating complete professional projects down to the finest detail.