Garden maintenance in the Brescia area on request:

discover the dedicated service offered by Cherubini Vivaio del Garda.

Garden maintenance is essential for preserving the look and health of all your plants. Cherubini Vivaio del Garda offers a regular, timely and on-demand park and garden care and maintenance service to guarantee evergreen emotions. 

To have a flowering and welcoming garden in spring, it’s good practice to carry out a thorough maintenance intervention in February. February can still be a very cold month, but that’s no reason to ignore your garden. In fact, it’s the best time to prepare your outdoor space for the coming sunny months.

Garden maintenance performed during this time of year, for example, includes:

  • The planting of deciduous trees and shrubs;
  • The pruning of summer flowering shrubs. In particular, this is the best time to prune mimosas and position climbing plants in the garden;
  • The treatment of trees and shrubs to protect them from moss and lichen.

Pruning is a delicate garden maintenance operation: if done wrong, it can be extremely harmful to your tree or shrub. That’s why you should rely on green specialists, such as Cherubini Vivaio del Garda’s professionals, who are also able to perform other garden maintenance interventions, including treatment against mosses and other cold and humidity related pathologies.

February is also the best month to care for natural hedges, so that your garden will be well hidden from view in the warmer months.

Garden grass maintenance:

prevention is always better than cure.

In order to have a beautiful lawn in spring, you mustn’t neglect its maintenance during the winter. The cold, frost and snow can jeopardize the beauty of your garden, since your lawn has no protection from the elements.

Prevention is better than cure says the proverb: this should be your approach to your lawn. Good lawn maintenance demands a last mowing before the end of winter, and, in any case, before March. The best time is often between late November and early December, just before the first frost.

Then the first timid rays of the March sun should herald the first mowing of the new year.

Garden irrigation system maintenance:

make sure it’s ready for when you really need it.

Garden irrigation system maintenance’s main purpose is to verify that the system itself has not been damaged during the cold winter months. Indeed, frost may have affected water left in the pipes, causing them to crack and break, and ground movements may have loosened fittings, making them no longer watertight.

For the maintenance of your garden irrigation system, it is recommendable to rely on the same professionals that installed it in the first place to perform a full check up. In addition to verifying that the system has not suffered any damage during the cold months, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda’s specialists will check the control unit, replace any batteries, clean sprinklers, check the system is programmed in a suitable way, check the pump and its power efficiency, and check the uniformity of lawn sprinkling, in order to identify issues that may eventually lead to localized water shortages or stagnation.