Garden lighting:

to fully enjoy your green space any time of day or night.

In order for you to take full advantage of your green space even in the absence of natural light, you need a garden lighting system just like for the rest of your home. A garden should not only be a physical extension of your home but an integral part of it. Lighting therefore assumes a fundamental role from both a functional point of view, and an aesthetic and decorative one. 

The design of a garden lighting system must carefully identify the various areas to be illuminated, and light points must be installed to create the right relaxing and suggestive ambiances. Various innovative lighting systems are available, such as multicolour LEDs and solar energy lighting, which, in addition to being functional, can ensure a pleasing visual impact and environment.

To help you see where to place your feet at night, the garden lighting system should provide diffused lighting, rather than singular bright sources of light that will dazzle your neighbours! 

If you want your garden to be particularly admired at night, our lighting design will carefully consider the positioning of each light source according to its specific function. For example, lights are often more spectacular when they illuminate objects from below or from within. A tree will, therefore, appear much more magical if it is lit in the right way. 

garden lighting design also has to consider the final effect that the lights should create. A coloured light will transform an illuminated surface, while a white light can highlight the landscape or certain architectural details. A blue light will make a tree appear as if it’s from another planet, and a green one will give the same tree a hyperreal appearance, as if it were the result of a computer simulation

Garden lighting:

let there be light!

Want a change of scenery or some practical lighting in the garden? Today, creating an ambiance with night lights is extremely easy, thanks to ever more advanced technologies. Whether you want to bring an aura of wonder to your garden, or simply guide your steps late in the evening, we have the latest technology to meet all your garden lighting expectations.

LED lighting, for example, is a real innovation in the field. LED bulbs have the advantage of consuming very little and come in an extremely wide range of models. Their small size also allows them to be placed anywhere, in even the tightest and most hidden of corners. LEDs have a lifespan of up to 40,000 hours, compared to only 2000 hours for halogen lamps, and are extremely energy efficient, giving off as much as between 40 and 80 lumens of light for every watt of power. LED garden lighting systems also provide instantaneous lighting at maximum power, unlike other light sources that need time to warm up, making them ideal for passageways. 

LEDs are extremely resistant to cold and wide-ranging temperature differences, and so can withstand strong climatic variations in the garden throughout the year. They are also shock-proof, and so cannot be broken easily, unlike traditional lighting. It is, therefore, clear why modern garden lighting systems, which have both functional and scenographic purposes, tend to rely heavily on this technology