Site inspection

The worked started with a careful analysis of the context, comprising a survey of the dimensions and proportions of the available space, a chemical and physical analysis of the soil, a study of the flora, architecture, style and materials, and an evaluation of shielding, the enhancement of views and climatic conditions, such as rainfall, wind patterns, humidity, and so on.


From the collected data, a preliminary garden project was elaborated, combines aesthetic pleasure with functionality. Cherubini Vivaio del Garda provided a 3D model of the green space, anticipating to the client a virtual representation of its volumes, proportions, scenery effects, shapes, botanical choices and management of spaces.


The internal design studio created a preview of the final realization using renders so accurate and detailed as to look like real photographs, offering the client an essential tool for visualizing the finished product, well before the work began.

Botanical study

Plants, flowers, trees and shrubs can be chosen directly from our nursery to suit the intended context, architectural style, project and client’s own tastes, so as to satisfy the client’s practical, aesthetic and olfactory needs, and ensure that the green space is perfectly sustainable over time.


Quotations drawn up on the basis of the project and render are extremely detailed, and, therefore, correspond to the effective cost of completing the work, meaning that the client is fully aware of the cost of the desired garden, without any unwelcome surprises.

Green realization

Thanks to a large fleet of machinery, the professionalism and experience of our technicians and gardeners and our organization, the fruit of decades of experience, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda can realize large gardens in a short time, with a result that is bound to leave everyone speechless.


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda manages the entire realization of the garden project, with the collaboration of experts and highly reliable Italian companies in order to coordinate green works with the necessary irrigation installation process.


Another fundamental element in the creation and fine-tuning of a garden is that of lighting and light points, which can considerably extend the hours of enjoyment of the green space.

Furniture and

To complete the design of each green space, Cherubini puts its professionalism and that of its high quality, outdoor furniture and furnishing accessory partners at your full disposal.


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda offers a regular, timely and on-demand green care and maintenance service to guarantee you evergreen emotions in your garden.