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First phase


Every garden starts with a visit of the site, whether starting a new project or restoring an existing garden.

During this inspection, we contact the customer to understand his or her tastes and needs, also examining the architecture of the house, the sun exposure, the humidity level and the microclimate of the area.

Measuring the dimensions and proportions of space

Before starting a project, it is essential to understand the dimensions and proportions of the space. We use advanced surveying methods to analyse the soil and elements present, recording every detail down to the millimetre.

Study of the flora and architecture

By analysing the local flora, we understand its special characteristics and use each plant to define the style of the space. We also examine the architecture to integrate it harmoniously into the landscape, leveraging every detail to create a symbiosis between form and nature.

Identifying views to enhance

Through a careful analysis of the context, we identify the most striking views, enhancing their natural beauty to enrich the experience of the space. By transforming the landscape, we create an enchanting setting that invites contemplation, enriching the lives of those who inhabit it.

Climate check-up

A detailed overview of current and future climate conditions is essential for efficient planning of activities and resources. This tool provides crucial information for adapting strategies and mitigating environmental impacts.

Humidity rate

An accurate indication of the humidity level in the environment is crucial for the well-being of plants and living beings. Carefully monitoring this parameter helps to ensure optimal conditions for healthy and thriving plants.

Rainfall and wind patterns

A comprehensive view of the weather conditions is essential to understand climate changes and accurately plan the choice of plants that will grow in the garden.

Shading assessment

The effectiveness of plants in providing shade and protection from the elements is essential to creating comfortable and protected environments. This assessment guides the choice of the most suitable species to ensure adequate shading and improve the quality of outdoor spaces.

Second Phase

Designing the garden

In this second phase we focus on the practical design of the outdoor spaces, carefully considering the layout of windows and doors. The aim is to create pleasing views from both inside and outside, ensuring a harmonious visual experience.

We design every detail with care, including elements such as planters and paving, to provide a welcoming and functional outdoor environment that is a natural extension of the client’s indoor space.

Preliminary planimetric layout

The initial and fundamental phase of designing a garden, here we precisely outline the arrangement of elements and areas. This plan provides a clear guide for the creation of a green space that fully reflects the customer’s needs and visions.

Botanical study and plant selection

We offer a wide variety of plants and the customer has the opportunity to choose the ones that best suit their taste and needs. This customised experience adds significant value to the service, allowing the customer to actively participate in the creation of their ideal green space.

Preview rendering

Once the design is realised in 3D, we select the most significant perspective views according to the project, creating realistic renderings to allow the customer to accurately visualise the final appearance of the garden.


This profoundly influences the sensory and emotional experience of inhabitants and visitors. Well-groomed and harmonious design not only enhances aesthetic appeal, but also promotes psychological well-being and connection with nature.


Essential for optimising the use of space and facilitating daily activities such as maintenance and use. A functional and well-organised design ensures a comfortable and efficient environment, providing a satisfying experience for the inhabitants and simplifying the management of green areas.


A precious sensory element that creates an enveloping and engaging atmosphere. It helps stimulate the senses and enhance emotional well-being, enriching the overall experience of inhabitants and visitors.


The continuity and stability of the landscape is ensured over time. Choosing plants with adequate longevity ensures a durable and long-lasting garden, reducing the need for frequent replacement and ensuring lasting beauty over the years.

Itemised estimate

Before proceeding with the actual construction, we provide an estimate drawn up on the basis of the design and the very detailed render, which corresponds to the actual cost of the work once it has been completed.

Third phase

Green space construction

Once the design phase is complete, we move on to the actual construction of the garden. The steps include preparing the soil and creating the macro-levels, followed by planting the main plants and hedges, and defining the beds.

We proceed with the planting of flowering and ground covering plants, the installation of an irrigation system and the provision of lighting. Thanks to our well-organised company and high-quality machinery, we guarantee efficient and professional execution of all these tasks, ensuring first-class results for our customers.

Preparing the land

We create optimal conditions for plant growth and development. Removing weeds, levelling the soil and enriching it with compost improve soil structure and fertility, promoting strong roots and healthy plant growth. Investing time and care in soil preparation ensures a solid basis for a lush, long-lasting garden.

Structure tree planting and other shrubs

Planting requires careful site planning, considering the specific needs of each plant. Soil preparation and planting are carried out following the management and maintenance practices necessary to promote healthy and vigorous plant growth.

Lawn laying and planting

The correct installation of turf requires careful preparation of the soil, while planting requires care and attention so as not to ruin or compromise the selected plants. These operations are crucial to ensure healthy plant growth and the formation of a harmonious and attractive green environment.

Related services

In addition to designing and caring for the vegetation, the company skilfully handles essential services such as the installation of efficient irrigation systems, lighting designed to enhance every corner, and furniture that transforms green spaces into authentic peaceful oases. Cherubini Vivaio del Garda offers complete solutions to transform any outdoor environment into a haven of beauty and comfort.

Additional service


When setting up the irrigation system, we carefully consider the season and the sun exposure of the various areas of the garden. It is essential to carefully evaluate the different zones and exposures in order to create a targeted irrigation system, adapting the frequency and intensity of irrigation according to the specific needs of each area.

Plant design and implementation

We create a customised irrigation system, adapted to the soil and the needs of the plants, by selecting elements such as sprinklers or drippers and carefully adjusting the parameters to ensure efficient and uniform irrigation throughout the garden.

Saving water

Essential to ensuring sustainable use of water resources and reduce waste. Through the adoption of efficient technologies, such as drip irrigation systems or automatic controllers, water use can be optimised, contributing to environmental conservation and cost containment.


We make it as easy as possible to manage and control garden irrigation. Automated and programmable systems save time and effort while ensuring efficient and regular watering of plants.

Planned irrigation

Essential to ensuring fair and targeted distribution of water over time, meeting the specific needs of plants and avoiding waste. Careful planning makes it possible to optimise the use of water resources and maintain a healthy, lush green environment.


A long-lasting reliable system that guarantees constant and efficient irrigation for the garden. A durable system reduces the need for frequent maintenance and ensures optimal operation over the long term, contributing to the health and prosperity of the plants.

Additional service


Our garden lighting design service offers tailored solutions to enhance outdoor spaces at any time of day. Through a creative and technologically advanced approach, we design lighting systems that emphasise architectural and landscape elements, creating striking and functional atmospheres.

From lighting design to the choice of lights and their installation, we are committed to transforming your garden into a luminous work of art, to be enjoyed day and night.

System design and implementation

Through the analysis of the layout and architectural features, the strategic choice of types of lighting and the installation of electrical equipment, we ensure an even distribution of light and the creation of ambience the outdoor space, thanks to careful planning and innovative technologies.

Visual impact

Creating evocative atmospheres and enhancing the architectural and natural elements of the outdoor space. Careful and creative lighting design helps define the look and style of the garden, providing engaging and memorable visual experiences.


Technology in garden lighting, such as LEDs and motion sensors, improves energy efficiency and safety, allowing precise control over the lighting and reduced consumption for a state-of-the-art experience.

Low consumption

Essential for reducing environmental impact and energy costs while allowing outdoor spaces to be lit efficiently and sustainably. By using low-power technologies such as LEDs, quality lighting is achieved with lower energy consumption.


This creates a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, allowing natural beauty to be appreciated without any visual disturbance. The lighting helps to emphasise the architectural and landscape elements without overpowering them, ensuring a pleasant and harmonious atmosphere even during the evening hours.

Additional service


When choosing garden furniture, careful consideration is given to the style, function and durability of furniture and accessories to create a comfortable and cosy outdoor space.

The selection of materials and colours is carried out considering the surroundings and the customer’s needs, to ensure a harmonious integration with the landscape.

Choice of furniture

When choosing outdoor furniture, we consider the available space and the durability of the materials, selecting functional and comfortable furniture that reflects the style and needs of the customer. The aim is to create a cosy and harmonious environment that blends seamlessly with its surroundings.

Additional service


We offer maintenance services on demand, weekly or bi-weekly, including complete garden care, from lawn cutting to large scale pruning. For some specific needs, we also provide a seasonal winter cutting service, guaranteeing personalised assistance.

In addition, we set up the irrigation system according to seasonal variations and sun exposure in different areas of the garden, ensuring optimal water management.

Garden maintenance

Garden maintenance involves a number of activities, including lawn care, plant pruning, weed removal and irrigation management. Through regular, targeted interventions, the health of the plants is preserved and the aesthetic appearance of the green space is maintained, ensuring a pleasant and well-maintained environment over time.