immagine giardino Sirmione, Vivaio del Garda

Sirmione municipality

Public works

Cherubini, a partner of the municipality of Sirmione, was in charge of restyling the avenue leading to the impressive Scaligero Castle. An avenue dominated on both sides by washingtonia robusta and phoenix canariensis, underneath them liriope muscari offering a great scenic impact.
A long avenue leading almost to the lake dominated by Chamaerops Excelsa on both sides of the road, below them pennissetum rubrum, miscanthus, verbena bonariensis, carex.
At the end of the tree-lined avenue, a Washingtonia tripla specimen.

Location:Sirmione (BS)
Status:Intervention performed
Made in:20 days

Washingtonia robusta, phoenix canariensis, liriope muscari.
Chamaerops Excelsa, Carex, Miscanthus, Pennissetum rubrum, Verbena bonariensis.


Irrigation system.