Panorama Lake View

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When you cross this new green space, you feel transported to another reality. The design elements and the modern architecture of the house give life to a continuity between inside and outside. The square lines of the house are taken up and enhanced by those of the garden. The mono-essence blooms frame the view and invite access to the pool, to create a unique atmosphere.

Location:Soiano del Lago (BS)
Status:Realized garden
Made in:20 days

Quercus Suber (cork) Yucca Rostrata, Cypress, Olive, Butia Capitata, Agave Americana, Agave Ferox, Phormium Tenax, agapanthus, raw sage, purple tulbaghia, very tenuous stipa.


Automatic irrigation system, Iron elements, Outdoor kitchen design, Outdoor lighting system. Containment sheets in Corten.

Site inspection

After having listened carefully to the needs of the clients, having carried out an initial inspection with photographic surveys and having analyzed the climatic and microclimatic conditions of the territory, Cherubini has designed this green space on the beautiful shores of Lake Garda with the aim of framing the surrounding view.


After having drawn up the Planimetry in the smallest details, highlighting the typical characteristic elements of the project for the realization of the garden, Cherubini took care of highlighting the distribution of the entire area: from the swimming pool to the retaining walls, from the irrigation and the lighting system. In this way he created spatial and visual continuity between the garden and the surrounding landscape, obtaining a harmonious and functional whole.


The internal design studio has created a preview of the final project through photorealistic rendering, that is an operation by which, thanks to the computer, it is possible to obtain the most truthful representation of a three-dimensional environment. In this way, the customer was able to view the finished project, even before the work had started.

Green realization

The garden has maintained the geometric lines of the house. The proposed design uses an openly contemporary language and revisits the traditional archetype through a Mediterranean paradise made up of palm trees of all kinds, a breathtaking view and a dream pool.