immagine giardino Malibù sul Benaco, Vivaio del Garda

Malibù on the Benaco

Small gardens

A villa right by the lake, few spaces to be fully optimised, the lake view to be preserved and the property to be made private, these were the guidelines when dealing with this garden. Cycas, dracaena indivisa, agapanthus, agaves and grasses are the main varieties used, for the result before your eyes.

Location:Sirmione (BS)
Status:Realized garden
Made in:10 days

Agapanthus, Agavi americane, Cycas revoluta, Dracaena indivisa, Echinacee, Quercus ilex.


Irrigation system, Illumination, Paving, pool area design in Dakota plastic wood, Natuzzi furniture.