immagine di Design d'Autore di Cherubini, Vivaio del Garda

Author’s design


Like the work of art of an artist, Cherubini has realized the garden of this manson on Garda lake, sapiently projecting every details, like a painter that with every brushstroke shapes his artistic creation. If the painter prepares the canvas, Cherubini, beginning from a careful site inspection,
realized a garden that considers the context and the territory after that he develops a complete project, even with the implants, with the swimming pool and choosing of the plants and flowers.

The colours and the details form an harmonic ensemble that make the garden like a work of art.

Status:Realized garden
Made in:30 days

Agave americana, Buxus sempervirens, Cinnamomum camphora, Cycas revoluta, Gaure, Olea europaea, Quercus suger, Tulbaghie, Yucca rostrata.


Irrigation system, illumination, paving, furniture, pool design.