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Design: from the idea to the rendering

Projects capable of combining beauty and functionality.

For over half a century Cherubini Vivaio del Garda has been involved in designing and realizing extraordinary gardens, each with its own style. Strong Mediterranean influences, elegant lines of modern design and country chic inspirations: these are the elements that characterize each of our projects and are able to reinterpret the needs and requests of each of our clients.


Before proceeding with the realization of the green area and only after a preliminary inspection we take care of starting the key phases of the project which are divided into

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  • Botanical Study
  • Planimetric Project
  • Render

To customize gardens for any home, we design and realize to a wide range of styles, including: 

The preliminary inspection allows us to carry out a careful analysis of the context, detecting dimensions and proportions of the reference space, and to carry out a chemical-physical analysis of the soil. This is an essential phase for evaluating the trend of rainfall, the rate of humidity and many other factors that will affect the choice of plants and essences to be planted. In this way, consistently with the place and the customer’s needs from an aesthetic point of view, it will be possible to proceed with the planimetric project and the 3D render project. It is through the planimetric project and the rendering that our design studio is able to create a preview of what the final project will be. A 3D model in which volumes, proportions, scenic effect, shapes, botanical choices and space management are virtually recreated in detail. An essential tool to be able to visualize the finished project, before the work begins.


Thanks to the hundreds of different specimens of plants in HD and the ability to recreate structural elements such as paths, gazebos, furnishing accessories, irrigation and lighting systems, Cherubini is able to provide a preview of what the finished project will be.
Every single phase of the project is therefore fundamental for a final result that is able to enchant and leave you breathless.


On the basis of the context analysis, the botanical study allows, in the design phase, to accurately choose the most suitable plants for a given microclimate and the physical and chemical conditions of the soil, and to distribute plants in perfect harmony and flowers with the structural elements of the garden. Only in this way is it possible to create professional projects with attention to every detail.