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For the sale of garden plants, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda can count on an extremely wide choice and constant supply of plants from its own nurseries, as well as from nurseries from all over the world. Cherubini has a network of nurseries across Brescia:
Our nurseries sell all kinds of garden plants to satisfy every taste and need. For example, among our ornamental trees, those that naturally make up the architecture of a garden, depending on their size, colour and combinations, you can choose from alders, birches, oaks, maples, weeping willows, strawberry trees, and many others. We have a large area dedicated to the sale of fruit plants, which can easily become the stars of your garden, not only for the seasonal fruits they can offer, but also for the fascinating spectacle of the seasons, from flowering through to the growth of new fruit and the fall of leaves, elegantly marking the passage of time and showing off the wonders of nature. You will, therefore, find plenty of fruit trees and plants for sale, such as apple, pear, quince, cherry, sour cherry, peach, apricot, plum and hazel.
There is also a vast assortment of citrus fruit trees, such as lemon, orange, mandarin, grapefruit and calamondin, with beautiful bright evergreen foliage, capable of bringing a host of Mediterranean colours and scents to your garden. As well as offering a seasonal harvest, ripe citrus fruits are extremely decorative and can easily become the stars of your outdoor area. If you want a permanent, colourful décor in the garden, conifers, such as firs, cedars, cypresses, junipers and pines, with their evergreen needles, are ideal. Other indispensable elements, giving structure to the garden, are shrubs and hedges, such as boxwood, rock rose, magnolia, lilac, hibiscus, witch-hazel, and so on. If, on the other hand, you want to bring an exotic touch to your garden, we are passionate specialists in all kinds of Mediterranean plants, such as palm, agave, bougainvillea, oleander, purslane, yucca, and many, many more. We love them so much that we enjoy seeking out exclusive species, in both size and origin, that you won’t be able to find anywhere else


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda offers an extremely wide choice of plants, with constant supplies from its own nurseries and other nurseries all over the world. In addition to many varieties of perennial flowering plants, ornamental grasses and shrubs, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda has an excellent assortment of Mediterranean and tropical plants. This collection focuses on these last two categories. In addition to our passion for these plants, we also have plenty of experience with them and can offer plenty of advice.
The collection features varieties commonly found in our nurseries and ready to be purchased. However, the wide selection can be added to, thanks to our strong network of partner suppliers.


The collection is not a botanical handbook, just a simple catalogue and useful tool for identifying and selecting the main plants we have on offer.

“The beauty of plants is that they are the only living beings in this universe that do not produce noise or waste.”
For the sale of garden plants, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda can count on an extremely wide choice and constant supply of plants from its own nurseries. See below the opening hours of our open-to-the-public nursery:
Vivaio di Padenghe

Via Meucci, 85 a Padenghe sul Garda (BS)

Monday – Friday: 8 am – 6.30 pm
Saturday: 8 am to 12:30 pm | 2 pm to 6:30
Sunday: 9 am to 12:30 pm | 2 pm to 6:30 pm

Sale of aromatic and succulent plants:

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We have an extremely extensive range of easy-to-grow aromatic plants, which need very little care and will provide you with very fragrant harvests. These naturally include basil, parsley, thyme, mint, rosemary, sage, oregano, incense, bay leaf and lavender. Use them to create beautiful decorative garden corners, and then pick them for the kitchen or your own herbal preparations. Aromatic plants are also great for the surrounding environment, as they attract colourful butterflies and useful pollinators.


We also sell a wide range of succulents, plants whose tissues can store large quantities of water. Examples we offer include a wide range of cacti, prickly pears, aloe vera, agave, and many other species. You might not know but the generic term “cactus” refers to a specific family of these plants, all originating in the Americas. To put it simply, while almost all cacti are succulents, not all succulents are cacti.

Sale of garden olive trees:

discover the wide range offered by Cherubini Vivaio del Garda.
The Lake Garda area is the northernmost region of Europe where olive trees are grown for the production of extra virgin olive oil. This peculiarity is due to the Mediterranean micro-climate generated by the waters of the lake at the foot of the Alps. At our Padenghe nursery, you can find centuries-old olive trees for sale, which can reach a considerable height, even as much as 15 to 20 metres, and a diameter varying from 6 to 12 metres, including the crown. They are evergreen plants, very slow growing and very long-lived, lasting up to hundreds of years. The flowers, gathered in bunches, are white with four petals, and usually flower between April and June. Depending on the area where they are grown, the fruit ripens between September and late winter. Cherubini Vivaio del Garda is a leading reference for the sale of olive trees in the Lake Garda area, offering many sizes and different cultivars to satisfy all needs and personal tastes. Come and discover our wide range of these extraordinary fruit plants, with their great symbolic value!