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Gardens for villas, country houses
and modern houses:

discover the many proposals of Cherubini Vivaio del Garda.

Ever since 1960, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda has dedicated itself to the design and realization of gardens to satisfy the most varied needs and personal tastes.


For example, we design and realize:

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  • Country
  • Modern house gardens
  • Villa

To customize gardens for any home, we design and realize to a wide range of styles, including: 

  • Classical
  • Mediterranean
  • Country
  • Modern design gardens

A classical garden has a timelessness that rises above fickle fashions. It amazes you every spring and autumn, marking the time and stimulating you and your mood. A classical garden – like a diamond – is forever! Proximity to our beloved Lake Garda has allowed us, over the years, to be pioneering cultivators of various Mediterranean plants that were once unknown to the region. Our Mediterranean gardens are born from a great desire to promote and value these types of plants, such as Washingtonia, Phoenix, Dracaena, Dasylirion, and many more. When we think about gardens for commercial facilities or homes, we must always take into account the nature of their surroundings, to make sure that the green spaces blend in naturally with them. When we think about gardens in rural contexts, we have to create harmony in shapes and colours to achieve these objectives for our country gardens.


Finally, considering that, over the last decade, private architecture has radically changed the way of experiencing the home, distorting the conception of spaces and design, and, thereby, also altering the way we see and experience the garden. At Cherubini Vivaio del Garda, through continuous research into everything from plants to the structuring of spaces, we have shown ourselves to be pioneers in garden design, the 2.0 of gardening if you prefer

Garden design for villas, the realization of small gardens, public green maintenance:

every project is a compelling challenge for us.

There is no limit to what Vivaio Cherubini del Garda can design and implement: every project is a compelling challenge to bring out the best in us. Whether we are talking about rustic or villa gardens, modern or classic designs, Mediterranean gardensor other types, or public green maintenance, we are deeply passionate about every project, and, ever since the foundation of our company by Ferrante Cherubini, the Cherubini signature has sought to be a guarantee of quality gardens, well-designed, in tune with their surroundings and perfectly suited to the needs and style of clients. 

We love greenery, in any tone or shade. They say that the colour green makes a person more creative. It’s certainly true for us. We want to help you express your creativity in a little corner of paradise!