About Us

An eye on the past, and one on the future.
Do you know about Double face Janus, the bicephalus with one heads and two faces, according to the legend, enables the god to see the past and the future?

The ancient Roman divinity Janus was depicted as having two faces that, according to legend, allowed him to see equally well into the past and the future. This is precisely the philosophy of Cherubini Vivaio del Garda, that of a company where old traditions and experiences coexist in perfect harmony with the most advanced technologies.


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda was founded in 1960 by Ferrante Cherubini, a perennial lover of plants and greenery.

When his son Valter Mauro joined the company in the seventies, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda expanded, establishing its operational headquarters as a place for researching the design and architecture of each garden, and for admiring and selecting a wide variety of plants, flowers, shrubs and trees.


And, it is precisely when Valter joined the company, as a pioneer of innovative garden design systems, using technological tools, that Cherubini Vivaio del Garda became a well-structured business able to offer a complete service of garden design, realization and maintenance. 

The third millennium heralded the entry into the company of Filippo, Valter’s son, representing the new Cherubini generation.

Proximity to Lake Garda has undoubtedly been an advantage for Cherubini in the design and realization of gardens, favouring the cultivation of certain plants and the improvement of service levels due to extensive experience gained at villas and the most prestigious residences in the Benaco area.

Want to see some numbers?

Well, the ones we are going to show you are pretty impressive. Cherubini Vivaio del Garda, today, is a leading company that can boast:

square metres of nursery space and cultivated land
green spaces designed every year
square metres of commercial space
species of plants grown directly by us
gardens realized every year

The story of Cherubini Vivaio del Garda is, therefore, that of a typical Italian family business, a story that continues chapter after chapter. The beauty of nature, plants, design and green architecture, a beauty that Cherubini Vivaio del Garda has constantly sought in all its gardens, day after day, garden after garden, ever since 1960, is also one of a future that is ever more ready to become the present. The most apt words to conclude on are, of course

…to be continued
Ferrante Cherubini

Always fond of greenery and nature, Ferrante Cherubini, who was born and raised in the countryside, decides to give dedicate his life to Vivaio del Garda. Ferrante starts his business as a simple gardener and green maintainer for the villas around Lake Garda, distinguishing himself from the get-go by his extreme attention to every detail.

The Cherubini signature in the creation of gardens soon becomes a guarantee of quality and creativity.

Valter Mauro Cherubini

The company begins its expansion by acquiring other nurseries in Carzago, Lonato and Canneto sull’Oglio. Also, in this decade, in 1975 to be precise, Ferrante’s son, Valter Mauro Cherubini, joins the company. From a very early age, Valter Mauro felt an innate passion for the modelling of green spaces and for all the various botanical species, particularly those common to the Mediterranean region. Soon, Valter Mauro begins to design and realize some of the most beautiful villa gardens in the Lake Garda area and in the Lombardy region, creatively combining tradition and innovation, and taking inspiration from continuous research in a sector in which you never stop learning, since, as with every field of human knowledge, you can never know enough.


In 1994, Valter Mauro Cherubini, now firmly in charge of the company, establishes the new headquarters at the address of Via Meucci 85, Padenghe sul Garda, comprising 20,000 square metres of offices and a garden centre overlooking the lake, and 60,000 thousand square metres of open-field nurseries. In this way, a unique place is born in Italy, offering customers a 360° service, from the design of a garden to its realization, and from the showcasing of plants from all over the world to their sale. It is here that the most beautiful gardens in Northern Italy are studied in detail.

Projection and design

Cherubini Vivaio del Garda celebrates its 50th anniversary, celebrating the consolidation of its sector leadership in the design and realization of gardens and as a nursery, with its continuous research and sourcing of new plants from all over the world. From this decade on, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda designs and builds gardens throughout Italy and abroad, relying on 2 landscape architects, 1 designer, 3 site technicians, 1 agronomist, 1 nursery sales employee and 25 gardeners.


In the best of ’Made in Italy’ tradition, the company has been handed down from generation to generation. In 2017, Valter Mauro’s son, Filippo, joins the company, making an immediate impact in the sales department, and designing and realizing magnificent gardens with new materials and new design concepts.

The company today

Cherubini Vivaio del Garda can now boast 30 employees, 15,000 square metres of commercial space, 30,000 square metres of nursery space and cultivated land, 100 species of plants grown directly by us, and 300 green spaces designed and 90 gardens realized every year. The future is ever more ready to become the present: Cherubini Vivaio del Garda has constantly sought beauty in all its gardens, day after day, garden after garden, ever since 1960, and continues to this day and beyond!


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda is one of the few nurseries in the province of Brescia to have the CQOP SOA certification, Qualified Builders of Public Works : a certificate of qualification for the execution of public works.


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda is a professional partner that can provide a garden complete in every details, ensuring the best result according to the client’s requests. Thanks to the design cured in every part and the ability to express the desires through an accurate botanic study and a realization according to the nature and molding the specific aesthetic and needs of the particular lifestyle. The mission of Cherubini Vivaio del Garda is to realize the ideal garden for every customer and in every location.


Constant and continuous research into improving garden design, the study of gardens all over the world and the introduction of novel techniques and planting schemes all make up the vision of Cherubini Vivaio del Garda today.


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda’s greatest wealth is its profound knowledge of the Garda area and in its ancestral sense of attachment to the land where its founders were born, and where the roots of the company firmly lie. Cherubini Vivaio del Garda grows its plants right here, in an area whose soil and micro-climate it knows only too well. In this regard, Cherubini is constantly researching new species of plants, in both other Italian regions, for example, Tuscany, Puglia and Sicily, and abroad, for example, in Spain and Holland, in order to see how well they can adapt to the Garda climate.