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A harmonious fusion of home and garden that fully respects the wonderful surrounding view.

Case History The therapeutic garden

A green space to stimulate all five senses, offering well-being and joy, and helping you to rediscover your connection with nature.

Case History Green 2.0

A garden is like the Great Alphabet of God, of which the trees are the letters, and thanks to them, He writes in sparkling green, all over the world, his calm thoughts.



Ever since 1960, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda has dedicated itself to the design and realization of gardens to satisfy the most varied needs and personal tastes.


For the sale of garden plants, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda can count on an extremely wide choice and constant supply of plants from its own nurseries, as well as from nurseries from all over the world.


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda was founded in 1960 by Ferrante Cherubini, a perennial lover of plants and greenery.

Design and realization of gardens:

by Cherubini
Vivaio del Garda.

Since 1960, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda has been involved in the design and realization of gardens. The creative flair and passion for the care of landscapes of its founder, Ferrante Cherubini, have ensured that, since the company’s foundation, the Cherubini signature is a guarantee of quality, well-designed gardens, in tune with their surroundings and perfectly suited to the needs and style of clients.

Proximity to Lake Garda has undoubtedly been an advantage for Cherubini in the design and realization of gardens, favouring the cultivation of certain plants and the improvement of service levels due to extensive experience gained at villas and the most prestigious residences in the Benaco area.


Since Ferrante’s son Valter’s entry into the company, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda has grown into a well-structured business offering a complete service of garden design, realization and maintenance. Valter Cherubini has, among other things, been one of the pioneers of new garden design systems, making use of such technological tools as Photoshop and AutoCAD.


Cherubini Vivaio del Garda is the ideal partner for the design and realization of gardens, offering customers support throughout all project phases and with complementary elements such as lighting, irrigation systems, masonry, paving, furniture and accessories

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Design and realization of gardens:

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step by step

The design and realization of gardens by Cherubini Vivaio del Garda consist of several distinct phases, detailed as follows:

After a careful analysis of the context of the proposed gardens and the collection of essential data, the garden design phase begins with a preliminary project that offers a virtual 3D model of the green space, showing volumes, proportions, scenery effects, shapes, botanical choices and the management of spaces.


Then, we move on to the choice of plants from our own nursery, made in accordance with the context, architectural style, design and personal tastes of the customer.


This phase is followed by the realization of green areas. Thanks to a large fleet of machinery, the professionalism and experience of our technicians and gardeners and our organization, the fruit of decades of experience, Cherubini Vivaio del Garda is at the forefront of the realization of large gardens in a short time and with a result that leaves everyone speechless. 


Irrigation and lighting systems are critical elements in the design and realization of gardens, in addition to the highest quality outdoor furniture and furnishing accessories. 


On request, the garden design and realization work can be complemented by a green care and maintenance service, regularly performed on a timely basis by Cherubini Vivaio del Garda, to guarantee you evergreen emotions!