Swimming pools, technologies and furnishing


One of the main problems when it comes to "green" is related to irrigation. To get beautiful private gardens or large public works, you need a perfect knowledge of all the technologies available in the industry, the expertise, facilities and experience to follow every action, from the project to its completion. Using different solutions for drip irrigation, our irrigation systems introduce innovative practices for water saving irrigation technologies and apply specific sector. The water, with drip irrigation systems, is delivered directly to the root zone of the plant, optimizing the quality used and improving the beauty and health of the plant itself.


To take advantage of its green space even in the absence of natural light, it becomes necessary to equip it with a lighting system, as for the rest of the dwelling. The garden is an integral part of the house, it represents an extension not only physical; lighting thus assumes an important role, both from a functional point of view that aesthetic and decorative. The various areas to be illuminated should be identified with care and light points must be made so as to create relaxing atmospheres and suggestive, using innovative lighting systems such as, for example, multicolour LEDs or lighting solar energy, which in addition to being functional, ensure a pleasant visual impact by helping to create a pleasant environment.


Cherubs Nursery del Garda always follows firsthand the construction of each building intervention outside the imposing building work until the manual positioning of pebbles for the flooring. The choice of materials used is extremely important, apart from the functional point of view, but also aesthetic. Precious stones, handmade terracotta, crystal structures, gravels sought; all details that differentiate a good job, a work experience.


To make a garden complete, functional and comfortable to live, Cherubs Nursery del Garda offers a wide selection of furniture and outdoor structures. Unique elements and customizable, able to experience the pleasure of living space open in a completely different way: gazebos, winter gardens, verandas, hammocks, fountains, seating, tables, doors, gates and other products made by the best professionals sector.

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